writing coach & consultant

Photo: Guillermo Alvarez

Photo: Guillermo Alvarez


You don’t think of yourself as a writer, but you’ve got an irresistible story…

I help you

  • blast through resistance

  • break isolation

  • find your unique voice

  • stay accountable

  • access creativity through play

  • relieve self-criticism

  • calm your nervous system. really. I’m certified and everything.

  • and I help w/ structural tips, editorial direction, work product review & comments

P.S. I do not offer ghost writing


  • are professional and disciplined yet enjoy bon bons

  • love to uplift, inform, play, laugh, shock, awaken, warn, influence

  • need to impact others by sharing transformational content


Whole Life Times
Huffington Post, and Wisdom Magazine. Jacqueline has worked as a freelance writer for private clients for several years. As a coach and consultant, she specializes in shorter form writing about leadership, psychology, healing, self-help, activism, climate change, spirituality, and complex interpersonal dynamics.

After Northwestern University and NYU film school, her earliest career was in film editing and production, plus she trained and worked as a theatre actress.

More recently she became certified in a healing modality that soothes the nervous system.

Here’s an interview about her eclectic approach to writing coaching. See About page for more info.