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“Gaining greater agency over emotional reactions has made my life so much more empowering and fun! [She] gave me practical tools to ward off and manage inflated emotions. Jacqueline Delibes was my guide. She taught me the techniques with an enthusiasm for the work that was infectious, and she held a space for me to explore a new way of being with my feelings. It's an easy-to-learn methodology and friendly exchange in one package that works!” – Tammy W.

“It was fun, profound, and useful at all at the same time. Thank you for being you!” - Gigi A.

“Hope you're swelling in glory today after your successful workshop… a new way to breathe love to my heart, to feel calm, let go, be more productive, and listen to my heart's inner wisdom.” - Anonymous

“I recommend Jacqueline as a gifted teacher and transformation agent for learning emotional management...  She provides a safe harbor while facilitating opportunity for personal development. She’s the real thing.” - Kim Corrick 

“These tools and awarenesses have made a huge difference in my life. Jacqueline is very compassionate, patient, empathetic, and was very caring and thorough during this training.” – Ingrid S.

“You took the time to understand why I wanted to be coached. You really helped me understand a new way of achieving harmony or coherence in my daily life. And you did this with a confident yet gentle voice. I am so happy that you found and are going to be sharing these techniques with others. I really cannot thank you enough…” – Dominic C. 

Guests at a recent talk called me "authentic, intimate," and said I "put forth a wealth of personal wisdom" and "delivered delightful tips..."

Photo: Joel Filipe

Photo: Joel Filipe

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