I speak about growing from trauma.

To help us heal psychological trauma, we need the work of skilled professional practitioners… plus, the most delicious, cozy, unconditional love and kindness that we can aim at ourselves. As a conscious, ongoing practice, we can disrupt our attention away from what went wrong.

Could you consider looking at past difficulties as a powerhouse of growth and evolution instead of as a burden? We have so much more agency over our progress than we realize.

My experience of living with parents with untreated bipolar disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and alcoholism not only provided an optimal learning environment to experience developmental and shock trauma, it crafted a dry sense of humor. I chose to cultivate empathy, locate healing and hold it close. 

As a speaker, I focus on sifting for gold as the active ingredient of healing, offering hope, discernment and the possibility of real transformation to women determined to recover and thrive. 

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