I help professional women get relief from stress and

Sometimes we don’t recognize how often we actually marinate in crummy moods; they end up feeling so… normal.

The techniques I teach are an evidence-based stress reduction system that synchronize heart and brain.

Who is this right for? 

  • You’re a pro in a stressful job who’s sick of feeling anxious - it’s affecting your relationships and career

  • You might be in the wrong career or the wrong relationship - you want to feel better and don’t know how

  • The shifts in our culture have sparked a desire for change, but you feel depressed by fearful news stories

  • You’re a seeker devoted to self-development and want more permanent results than the temporary high from a transformational workshop 

What relief looks like

Your new normal feels more cheerful.

Your new portable techniques help you feel relief right when something difficult is happening.

Your consistent practice re-patterns your neural circuits. That’s a new brain, baby. Well, new-ish.

Even though it’s subtle, to shift from feeling triggered to neutral is a huge relief.

Life still happens. But now you can greatly reduce the time spent suffering over challenges.

Here’s your next step:

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