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Our culture is built for speed. HeartMath coaching is an emotional management/rejuvenation system that asks you to slow down, tune in, and de-escalate the drama in your life.

The extraordinary impact of this uncomplicated method?

It can shift your default setting away from habitual, unproductive states - like anxiety and negativity - and toward a more joyful, heart-centered life experience.

Expect to feel happier, grounded and more resilient, regardless of what's taking place at work, home or in the world.

Practice! With practice (and consistent practice is the secret ingredient for HeartMath success) you'll find yourself responding to life's surprises with more elegance, care, and deeper access to your innate heart Intelligence. 

Perfect for people who need to discharge stress or are at an impasse with other modalities and want to experience an emotional shift. In this style of coaching, I'll supportively guide you to your own intuitive responses.

Why HeartMath?

Before I became a HeartMath Coach, I was first a client. My goal was to interrupt repetitive, negative loops of thinking.

Those loops, while actually fairly common for most people, are greatly amplified for those of us healing from PTSD, and they interfere with our ability to lead a full life.

Fortunately, these tools are both simple yet truly life-changing.

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 Rare Los Angeles rainbow

Rare Los Angeles rainbow

Expect an intermingling of science and Radiance

The HeartMath Institute's research findings have been published in major medical journals and successfully introduced as interventions at Stanford Hospital, Kaiser Permanente, and numerous other hospitals and humanitarian organizations.

These deceptively simple practices not only help us take charge of our emotional life, activating our heart-based intelligence affects the physical well-being of our whole system and increases our intuition.

How it Works

Four (the minimum) to ten 1-hour sessions is the norm for individual or group work. The number of sessions can be custom tailored to you.

One-on-one HeartMath coaching is usually conducted by telephone and is a superb way to receive the most personal attention. 

I offer Online Group Coaching for up to ten clients. These small groups meet weekly online via Zoom.

In-person sessions are also available in west Los Angeles and can be optimized by combining them with a Reiki session. I was certified as a Reiki I practitioner by Reiki Master Pamela Miles.


Contact me to set up a free 25 minute strategy session

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