Talk 11/28/18

You'll come away from this experiential, lively talk with practical tools to LOWER ANXIETY and re-ground yourself.

Want to learn how to powerfully impact the culture? And feel rejuvenated?

Whether you're a healer-in-hiding needing encouragement to blossom or just feeling heavy from the news, your own self-care practices need to be number one right now. And they will help birth a new culture.

Your Radical Self-Care is Required!
Wednesday, November 28th, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
5757 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 480
Los Angeles

So how does practicing self-care connect to the larger culture? "It's the deeper connection with our own heart and with the hearts of others that will magnetize the intuitive solutions for our personal and global challenges."
- The Institute of HeartMath

And I mean radical self-care, where every day you deliberately saturate yourself with embarrassing riches of love and access the best version of yourself.

Engaging in caring practices first thing sets the tone and lowers stress. When we rise above the low frequency of difficult political and cultural events, we gain access to our higher wisdom. We respond instead of react. We develop powerful discernment, a vital tool in these turbulent times.