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Some benefits of stress-relief coaching!

Jacqueline facilitates transformation…

As a coach, speaker and writer, I believe the best way to heal is to

  • practice self-love

  • be tenacious

  • stay open to receive magic and insights - then act on them.

The stress and anxiety-relief work I do is a hybrid between coaching and healing called HeartMath®. I became a HeartMath Certified Coach after first being a client. The techniques helped soothe my PTSD symptoms and turned out to be powerful healing tools with lasting results. 

After graduating from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, my first career was in feature, TV and documentary editing and production for HBO, CBS, PBS, and independent producers. I was trained as a theatre actress, and am still active as a writer. My articles have been published in USAToday, the Huffington Post, Whole Life Times and Wisdom Magazine.

I pour all of this arts experience, inclusive spirituality, and a lifelong pursuit of healing into my work. I employ deep listening, intuition and accidental flashes of humor.

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Recent education:

Drama Therapy Institute of L.A. - ongoing coursework
Institute of HeartMath - Certified Practitioner
National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine - ongoing coursework
HB Studio - performance studies
Improvolution - improv performance studies